Monday, October 10, 2011

I know they're not pants, but...

I went to the big-box-fabric-store-that-shall remain unnamed last weekend, intending to buy a Burda jeans pattern. Turns out, it's online-only. Boo. But I did leave with two other patterns, including an McCall's 6404 for leggings! It was the variations that really had me interested. Also, wouldn't you just know it, I'd bought a zebra-print jersey sheet at the Goodwill awhile back?

Photo by Bee, once she stopped gawking

The results are clearly astounding and left my sister/co-blogger speechless. She couldn't even squeak out a "that's a whole lot of look," her usual response to my more outlandish garments.

A note about the pattern: it runs pretty large. I fit solidly in one of the sizes offered and probably had to cut down away two more sizes. I'm past the point where I find this flattering; on the contrary, it's a frustrating waste of fabric. Thankfully, leggings were easy to modify.

Anyway, I love them and am debating exactly how far I can push it with these. Definitely wear to exercise. Wear to the grocery store? To work...? Please give me some guidelines, people!


  1. Wear them anywhere! As long as you're in New Jersey.

  2. lsjfdalkdjfla!!!! wear them EVERYWHERE!!!!

    absolutely LOVE!

  3. miss chelsea... you're going to create a leggings monster out of me! thanks for the compliments!!

  4. so let me see if i have this right, you've got purple zebra, heather gray and then black zebra? these are definitely crazy crazy. not just crazy. but crazy crazy.

  5. Can I drop a 90's bomb and say...crazysexycool?

  6. The purple zebra is just an optical illusion! It's a faded blackish color, so maybe just one crazy :)


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